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  职业梦想的英语作文 篇1

  Good afternoon , everyone,

  It’s great pleasure for me to be here today and share my dream career with you. I hope to be a teacher. As a teacher , I will stay with young students , who are always energetic and have new ideas, so I will keep updating what I have learned. Besides, teaching is a job where teachers teach knowledge and educate students, which is increasingly important , and so is the teachers’ position. That is why I love to be a teacher.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇2

  What do I want to do when I’m older?Someone wants to be a doctor.Someone wants to be a basketball player because they are good at sport.Someone wants to be a writer and to make the writing.Someone wants to be a teacher because they like teaching children.

  I like playing the piano and I good at it.So I want to become a piano player.Play the piano is very interesting.And you can learn something of music.Piano can make you like music.A lot of musician and singer are love playing piano.

  I play the piano when I’m ten years old.Now I’m in grand five.I hope when I’m sixteen years old ,I can become grand eight.I’ll be harder and harder to practise.

  Become a piano play is a hard job.But I believe I can do it.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇3

  Recently we did a survey in our class in order to learn about students’ ideal jobs. Here’s a report about my group members’ ideas.

  Mary wants to be a fashion designer because she likes beautiful clothes and is good at drawing. Kate wants to be a gardener, she lives plants, and she wants to make the cities better. Mike would like to be a writer. He’d like to share his wonderful stories with others. Tom would like to be a cook. He’d like to cook delicious food for others. I would like to be a policeman. I want to protect the people safe.

  Hopefully everyone can realize their dreams in the future.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇4

  My dream job is to be a teacher because I think it is the greatest job in the world.Teachers teach the students the whole knowledge they own.Besides,they also educate the students how to be a good person.I hope I can become a good teacher and have many great students in the future.So I must work hard now to make my dream come true !


  职业梦想的英语作文 篇5

  There are various kinds of jobs in the world, but different people are attracted by different jobs because everyone has his own interest and destination. Many people consider an ideal job as a means of making more money and living more comfortably. It may sound reasonable because money is the foundation of life.


  As far as my ideal job is concerned, I think I want to be a psychologist, I have made up my mind to do what I really want to so that I can realize my ideal, I believe interest is of the utmost importance in choosing a job, I have been interested in psychology for a long time, so I want to be a psychologist in the future, I think being a psychologist can help lots of people lead a happier life.


  However, it isn't easy for me to become a qualified psychologist and many people around me think that it's unrealistic to me. NevertheLess, I'll make every effort to gain much more knowLedge, patience, methods, etc. to live up to the name of a qualified psychologist. I believe my dream will come true someday.


  职业梦想的英语作文 篇6

  In the past two years, my parents took me to travel to many places, including big cities, small towns, famous mountians and so on. Therefore, I like traveling and I hope I can visit to many more places. Since then, I hope I can be a tour guide in the future, so I can travel to many tourist attractions. Besides, I can meet various people and I think communicating with different people is interesting, wchich can broaden my field of vision. I hope they can share their life stories with me so that I can know the general life of a place. I know it would be a challenging job, but I believe I can do well in my job.


  职业梦想的英语作文 篇7

  When my teacher asks me what do I want to be in the future, I have nothing to tell her, because I don’t know what I want to do. But when I see a good movie about a teacher, I know the answer, my dream job is to be a teacher. Just like my dear teacher, she inspires me all the time and gives me the courage to move on.


  职业梦想的英语作文 篇8

  Today, I was thinking: "what is my future career? To be a worker or a boss?" I am full of the ideal career, I want to be engaged in the job should be a car wash.

  Why? I like the car, so we want to contact every day when the car wash workers, car. This job is very interesting to me, and I want to have a car wash experience to do the job.

  However, the early night, overtime does not matter, I still work. No matter how hard, tired and dangerous, Im going to do a good job in the car wash.

  Cars apart. I sweat flow out behind the work, first check the cars heart and arteries, engine and engine, then the feet -- change the tire down, then paint, paint is dry, and then wipe the window, the oil replaced, again to the car drink gasoline, finally rinse and perfect, returned to the owner, and then waiting for a customer.

  In a few months, enough money, you can buy a car. By then, Ill take care of myself. Slowly, the boss retired, and I can take over his post (if Im lucky), the lowest price, the car wash shop to buy. I want to make my car wash shop to become the most prosperous shop, and then recruit some people, started!

  Car wash this job is very interesting, I want to grow up quickly, good to do a happy car wash oh!







  职业梦想的英语作文 篇9

  There are various kinds of jobs in the world, such as writing, nursing, teaching and engineering. But different people choose different jobs as their ideal careers. This is because everyone has his own interest.

  As for me, I have made up my mind to be a teacher. I choose to do so mainly for three reasons. First, I want to teach because I like the pace of academic calendar.

  Two long vacations offer me an opportunity for reflection, research and writing. Secondly, I want to teach because I like the freedom to make my own mistakes, to learn my own lesson, to stimulate myself and my students. And I can have the opportunity to keep on learning.

  Finally, I want to teach because, being around the students who are beginning to grow and change in front of me, I will grow and change with them too.

  But teaching is no easy job at all. I must study cleverly to obtain more knowledge. And, at the same time, I will make every effort to purify my soul so that I can become an architect of mans soul.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇10

  I want to be a teacher since I was a child. When I was in primary school, I was very admire the position of teacher. They are knowledgeable just seems that there is nothing they don’t know. They treat us just like their children. They care about our study,life and health. Since then, I have made my mine to be a teacher in the future. I would like to be a kind and knowledgeable peron like my teacher. So, being a teacher is my dream. I will try my best to study well to reach my dream.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇11

  have the different dream during the different time .In childhood,my dream is I can eat candy everyday.After goes to school, I hope I can gain admission to an ideal universty.

  But now, my dream is I can learn special knowledge well and learn English well. because I think time like running water, I will graduat after two years .I will face to if I can get a good job, so I must be able to do something really and create value. The reason of leaning English well is I want to go to the different country and understand the different culture and make more friends.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇12


  One night, I was thinking about what kind of job to look for when I grow up?


  I think I want to be a doctor when I grow up.


  Because doctors will help us to see a doctor, protect our own health and environment, give us injections, surgery, vaccination, we can see a lot of good diseases. Being good for our family can make us healthy and safe.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇13

  Everyones heart is carrying a great ideal. Ideal is like a guiding light guiding you. Ideals are just like wings, flying freely in the sky. Ideals are like the other side of light. As long as you overcome difficulties, they will meet you at the end.

  My ideal is to become a glorious student of Fudan University. I have been longing for a campus with 105 years of history and a hundred flowers blooming. Fudan school motto, which is "erudition and aspiration, questioning and thinking", deeply attracted me and inspired me. My ideal sounds ordinary, but it takes more effort to realize it, so Im going to take a positive action. Now, I was an eagle, and do not have the ability to fly, so I want to make my own grow up. In this process, will have numerous difficulties and dangers so I need encouragement, parents and teachers. In the face of difficulties, I have only one belief in my heart, that is for the ideal to face, success at the end to meet you! There is no shortcut to success on the road to success. No effort will be rewarded, no effort can go to success? No sweat, no harvest, no pain, no pain, a harvest, let me more firm in the heart of the faith.

  I want to make a plan for the ideal of my heart. What do you have to do in a day and what do you have to achieve in a week? As long as it is down to the ground, from the small things to start, from now on, step by step, day after day, I will go to success. As the saying goes: "having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god". I have to read more books, read good books, and become good friends with books, learn and be sincere, think closely and think about it, and practice a real skill. With diligent hands, intelligent head, healthy body, meet new challenges!

  The ideal seed germination in my heart, I want to use the sweat of hard work, the infinite to nurture it, to nurture it, let the ideal seedlings grow into towering trees rooted in my heart. As a song is singing, "my future is not a dream, Ill be serious every minute..." As long as I work hard, I will realize my ideal and become a glorious Fudan! For the construction and development of the motherland, the civilization and progress of the society dedicate their own hot youth!

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇14

  What is ideal? It is the goal of the struggle of life, the motive force for the people to advance, the yearning and pursuit of the future. As the saying goes well, there is a will. We all set our own ideals: doctors, lawyers, businessmen, pilots, scientists, teachers... My ideal is to be a guitarist.

  Since the second grade started, since heard ringing and guitar melody, since the band saw BEYOND freely on the stage with a guitar and handsome, I fell in love with the guitar. It can make me intoxicated in music and bring me into a colorful world of notes. It can immerse me in endless illusions and feel the beauty of music. It also enables me to feel the stimulation of music and understand the true meaning of music. Every time I hear the sound of the guitar, every cell of mine will roll up and roll...

  I often fantasize: one day, I am standing on the top stage of the world, singing with the most crisp guitar sound and my most resonant voice, listening to everyone in the world, letting them feel good and free. Like "the window of the dream" "I want to sing the dream to the blue sky and I want to sing the warm singing into the day..."

  I will sing to the cold people, let them feel warm, sing to the vulnerable people, and let them go strong; sing to the timid people, give them great courage; I will sing to those who fight against diseases, and give them the power that is unequalled.

  Every day, I will have the company of guitar, it has become a good friend of mine. When I fail and encounter setbacks, I never fear, because the ideal of becoming a guitarist always reminds me: "now I am so far away from my ideal, and the road ahead is still bumpy. Come on! Overcome everything with a firm belief.

  In order to achieve the ideal, every day I began to be absorbed in the practice, so can you! I also tried to correct the two important shortcomings of impetuosity and impatience. In practice the new guitar tune, not anxious to practice, first to find the corresponding notes and beats to play, or in a complete mess, half! The classical guitar level six I also try to practice the nine tunes, "the legend of Asturias", "two quartets" folk dogvane to challenge themselves, their own temper, let oneself become more "powerful"......

  "Hard work never give up can change the world Come on change yourself!" Yes, as long as the efforts, no matter how difficult, must be to achieve their ideal!

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇15

  Hello , everyone ! My name is Ricky . I’m very happy to be here . Today I’ll tell you something about my dream .

  Everyone has a dream . Different people has different dream . My dream is to be a scientist .

  I want to invent many robots . These robots have many kinds of functions . I will invent a police robot . It can help people to catch thieves and direct the traffic on the roads . I will invent a maid robot . It can help people to do housework : cooking , mopping the floor , washing clothes and cleaning windows . It can do everything well . I’ll invent a machine cat . The cat has a white pocket . If you have this treasure , you will be unmatched in the world . When you meet a bad guy , you say to the pocket:“pocket , pocket , give me a weapon .” A powerful weapon will appear . When you are hungry . you say to the pocket :“pocket , pocket , give me some food .”The delicious food will appear in front of you .

  This is my dream . I believe my dream will come true .

  That’s all . Thanks for you lesionning !

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇16

  My dream is to be a glorious people's teacher.

  When the teacher needs to have abundant knowledge and enough patience, you also need to have a selfless love. Our teacher in charge teacher Chen has these. Whenever the students learning state is abnormal, she will talk with us in time. And during the summer and winter vacation or at ordinary times many times to come to visit, understand the students' family situation, to communicate with their parents. To help students through individual learning situation.

  Our teacher has enough knowledge. Every time we put forward a variety of problems, they can be easily answered. When we were puzzled, they very patient according to their own teaching experience, from our point of view, speaks bother to pass through.

  My dream is to become a good teacher. To be a teacher because I think is happy. When you see my students leave school, on each post show of his own life; When saw them set up their own career success: when they have a harmonious family; When she saw her students in their respective field, pieces gain honor... It feels like to see their own orchard, fruit trees blossom, "plum full world" this is when the teacher happiness. This is the reason I determined to want to be a teacher.

  In order to complete the dream, I want to be in a good learning at the same time, a lot of reading various books, increase his knowledge. And I want to participate all kinds of public welfare activities, and cultivate their patience and love. In order to this dream, I decided to start from now.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇17

  Socrates said: "the happiest thing in the world is to struggle for a noble ideal." Indeed, there is no dream is empty, there is no flavor of life.

  When I was a child, particularly aspire to be a teacher or a reporter. Teaching in three feet platform teaching, filled with the whole country, or is a camera, extensively interview celebrities everywhere, let the audience get the latest news and information.

  Slowly grow up, understand career more and more, and then gradually begin to pay close attention to the professional jewelry designer and painter this. Like in the piles of artwork design a novel and dazzing jewellery design, let wear jewelry everyone can send out a beautiful light. Like to use the color with deep light depth brush outline of mountains near water, draw part of the sunrise and sunset, put my heart to understand art beauty perfect show.

  Today, the uncertain dreams in the past no longer look back. Now I have established a firm direction: to become a good judge or a quarter-century politics. 3 years before, now and then see the rule of law shows his decisive LingRan judge, to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, justice. At that time I was filled with deep admiration and yearning for the profession, was deeply attracted by this justice feeling in the heart, determined to be a good judge. Sometimes I imagine your head national emblem alone, sitting on the highest stage of the court, to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, give a kind person with justice, to the offender to severe punishment! Also, similar to judges, and politicians. Politician in protecting the interests of the state, to ensure the prosperity of the country, also in the countries in the world to establish friendly countries. So, a politician is a respectable and admirable. Therefore, I also want to be a politician, participate in national political discussion, attention to state affairs, for the country's prosperity, make the country become prosperous and flourishing. And establish friendly relations between countries in the world, promoting national unity, the development of trade. Make the country's economic, cultural, political, military, import and export trade and other aspects are powerful push forward, make contributions to national prosperity.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇18

  His left hand dribbling, sudden acceleration, behind the defenders, a variable to open another player, then, a ball, the ball to the ambush in the vicinity of the three-point line teammates, as if Jordan possessed, ball, jump, perfect arc, the ball into the... On the basketball court can often see such a scene, even if the weather is hot again, also cannot reduce their love of basketball,"

  The pursuit of dream, is a kind of consciousness, the source of power. Dream is for the good things of a kind of human vision and desire, sometimes dream is unrealistic, but there is no doubt that dream is the most naive and innocent human desire the most beautiful and the most lovely. In the long life on the road and everyone has their own dreams, I am no exception, my dream is to become a basketball player, fight for the country's honor.

  Back when you're playing for the first time, my action is very heavy, can't even dribble, although the technology is not so good, but the developed an interest in this sport. As I practice playing basketball, I more and more obsessed with basketball, like it bring me joy and pleasure. Play every time, my mood is very happy, happy, my heart is full of happiness and joy everywhere, in my opinion, every breakthrough is a symbol of the dexterous and vitality, every dunk is a symbol of passion and power, every block is a symbol of ambition and strong. Then play became my expertise, I hope in the movement, is my dream to become a basketball player.

  I started through various channels to understand basketball, when I see the NBA, see the Olympic Games, I was completely renewed enthusiasm for basketball, I hope to play in one of my favorite Chicago bulls, and I want to help China beat the world hegemony the United States.

  Although, my this dream seem out of reach, but I am going to put it into reality, remember "aspirants, have what" this simple truth! Let's dream to struggle together.

  职业梦想的英语作文 篇19

  My dream job is to be a teacher because I think it is the greatest job in the world.Teachers teach the students the whole knowledge they own.Besides,they also educate the students how to be a good person.I hope I can become a good teacher and have many great students in the future.So I must work hard now to make my dream come true !


  职业梦想的英语作文 篇20

  Everyone is having varies kinds of dreams,do I am.

  My dream is becoming a boss,ahithougu it is too far from me.If you are also having a dream,youn need to try your best to realize it.What is the most important is that yon can not be lazy,or you will achieve nothing.

  IF your dream is becoming a dentist,you need to work hard and be brave,increasingly you will let your dream come true.If you do want to be a teacher,because it not only is a divine occupation,but can help students grow up.

  Dream,it is uneasy to touch.Only if you stick to it,can you take charge of it.I wish you can achieve it by your persistent effert.



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